Mom’s Recipe Box

Mom’s Recipe Box is inspired by, you guessed it, my mom’s recipe box.  Mom passed to the great kitchen in the sky in 2011 and one of things I wanted of hers was her recipe box.  Mom loved to cook and always wanted to make a cookbook of all of her children’s favorite recipes.  I started a project in 2013 of attempting to cook and blog about all of the recipes in her recipe box. The project went smoothly for a while, but is now hit or miss, but I’m sticking with it. The goal is to combine all of my blog posts of her recipes into a cookbook for my family.  Along the way, I am also including some of my own favorite recipes and adventures in cooking.  Let’s keep in mind that in no way do I consider myself a good cook, and I enjoy baking much more than cooking, but I am plugging along in honor of Mom.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you find a recipe or two that you might want to try!