About Julie

Hi! I’m Julie, the creative force behind Flamingo and Owl.  I love to sew and craft and share the fun with others. This blog has morphed over the years and helped me grow and change in the process. I have a lot of interests and loves and some interests that aren’t necessarily loves, but enjoyable nonetheless for a variety of reasons.  This is my place to share all of that with anyone who is interested.  I have turned Flamingo and Owl into a small business and thought about creating a business blog, but decided that this has been my place for sharing for almost 5 years, the place that has helped me grow, and has grown as a result, so now this is my personal blog and my business blog.  They are so intertwined anyway that it would be useless to try and separate them because I created a business from all the things I love.  I hope you enjoy my musings as much as I enjoy the creative fun behind them!