Sunshine in my Brain!

Good morning!  I’ve had a great couple of days.  I’ve been staying busy and being happy.  Most of the summer was difficult for me, but on Saturday I visited the shop to drop off some photos that my daughter took for them.  They turned out amazing just like I knew they would. While I was there, I talked to Kris and Jen, just about stuff that is going on, current projects, and life in general, no biggie.  By the time I got home, it was like a switch had been flipped in my brain and I was happy and motivated again.  It’s a weird feeling when you’ve been struggling to get to that point for so long and then it’s, suddenly, just there.  Not complaining!  So, first, I want to thank Kris and Jen for flipping my switch.  You girls rock!  ReChic Unique, it’s so much more than just a store!  It’s weird because that’s not something that I would normally do on a Saturday, but I just felt a pull.  It pays to listen to your instincts.

So, what have I been doing with my better mood?  Well, on Sunday I was the reader at church.  Truthfully, I sounded just a little too perky making the announcement to turn off your cell phones, please.   Then I got recruited to be a Eucharistic minister.  Mind you, it’s not difficult, it’s just that I’m not registered as one with the diocese.  The evening before we had a birthday party after the evening mass for the bishop so very few people showed up for the Sunday masses.  There were only two EMs there and we need three.  The one  kept signaling for me to come up and do it and I kept shaking my head and looking around for someone else.  Finally, I sighed and gave in.  Giving out communion was the easy part, but I didn’t know what to do afterward until one of the altar servers told me it was ok to go back to my seat.  After mass, the EM who called me up asked if I was a Eucharistic minister.  I replied that no, I was not, and he said, “Well, you are now.” and we all laughed about it.  It felt good, even though, I was very nervous, so now I’ll talk to Father about it when he gets back from Israel.

On Monday, I got a new walking partner and read a book.  My neighbor has started walking with me in the mornings.  It’s nice to talk to her again.  We used to walk together a few years ago, but you know how life is, it goes in cycles.  Glad to be walking with you again, Vick!  When I got back, I sat down with a cup of tea and started a new book.  Most of the books I’ve been reading lately haven’t completely held my attention, but I didn’t put this one down, except for potty breaks, until I was finished with it. I didn’t even check my email or Facebook or play Monster Busters.  Don’t judge, it’s a fun game.  It was kind of funny because I read the last page, my Kindle died, and the Mister got home from work almost simultaneously.  Usually, after I spend a day reading, I feel bad because I didn’t get anything done, but not Monday.  It was a well-written romance that completely held my attention and I didn’t feel the least bit guilty for spending the whole day reading it.  After that, I made dinner which you will probably read about tomorrow when I post the marinade recipe for the chicken. 

Tuesday, I sewed at the shop most of the day and got quite a bit done.  Finally!  Then the Mister and I went to watch our daughter play a soccer game.  They won!  It’s not surprising that they won, they have a very good team, but it’s always exciting.

Today, it looks like lawn mowing in the a.m., like now,  and more sewing at the shop for the rest of the day. 

Hope you have a great day!



Mom’s Recipe Box–Monster Cinnamon Rolls



Happy Monday everyone!  Today you lucky dogs get a recipe from my mom’s recipe box.  This one is a bit of a cheat.  While I did find it in my mom’s recipe box, it’s one of my recipes…..and I’ve posted it before, but not as part of Mom’s Recipe Box. 

I originally found this recipe in a mystery book that I read about a caterer who solves mysteries that she accidentally gets mixed up in.  Apparently, this happens a lot to caterers, because there is a whole series of books about her.  Who knew?  These rolls are very good, but very time consuming.  On a good day, I can make them in 3-4 hours, UGH!  On a bad day, like this past Saturday, it takes 6 1/2 hours, double UGH!  I had to leave the house a few times to deliver the daughter to and then pick her up from soccer practice and run an errand with the mister.  The family got cinnamon rolls for lunch instead of breakfast, whatever.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen recipes that don’t take that long.  I’m gonna hafta try one and see if it’s as good.  I also overcooked them a bit.  You know they’re overcooked when all the filling runs out and coats the bottom of the pan with a sugary mess that hardens to a  granite like substance rather quickly.  My advice is to go for the shorter cooking time on the recipe.

My mom had the recipe because she had the cinnamon rolls at my house one time and asked for it.  I think she asked for our family’s favorite recipes because she wanted to make a cookbook.  I thought she was going to make it of our (my brothers’ and my) favorite recipes that she would make for us.  Maybe some combination of hers and ours was her plan.  The world may never know.  Anyway, Mom, I’m trying to make that happen for you. 

Since I already typed out the whole recipe once before, I’m just including a link to that post.  There’s a bonus recipe with it!  Here is the  link: Monster Cinnamon Rolls; and a picture of the recipe card that I wrote out for Mom.  It’s front and back of one 4×6 card plus the front of another one.  It’s actually two recipes because the frosting has it’s own recipe.

Monster Cinnamon Rolls Recipe Card

Have a great day!



My Grocery Shopping Ups and Downs


Well, yesterday was a bust and today wasn’t much better.  My accomplishment for the day was grocery shopping.  I managed to get everything on my list while remaining under budget.  Under budget means that I had less than a dollar in change in my pocket when I got home….but I had everything on my list.  That doesn’t happen very often and I was so proud of myself.  Later, my husband asked if I got plain potato chips to go with his dip…oops no…..but it wasn’t on the list.  I also didn’t get bread for sandwiches next week.  Also, not on the list although it should have been.  I did get myself 2 bottles of wine though, which I never do so I’m good with it.  They can wrap the lunchmeat in tortilla shells which I DID get.  Yay me! 

I’ve resorted to buying only one week’s worth of lunch food and snacks at a time because if I buy 2 weeks’ worth they still only last one week.  I used to hide them, but I’ve run out of hiding places.  I make the boys buy their own lunch supplies (mostly).  They are 20 and 22 and have full time jobs so, no, I don’t feel bad about that, but they still come in and eat everything I buy for their sister.  She does her share of double dipping too.  By Friday, she’ll be lucky to get a sandwich and a pop-tart.  Hmmm….I didn’t get Pop-Tarts either.  I think I’m making myself feel worse as I go here. Nah.

I got everything I needed to make the recipes I chose from Mom’s Recipe Box.  Now we just need to see if I actually get them made.  I’m betting on myself to do it, at least for this week.  Smile

Have a great evening everyone and maybe we’ll talk tomorrow!


Notes from my Life

I picked food from my garden today! I got some cucumbers and some tomatoes. You would know what a feat that is if you could see my garden and get inside my head. Well, you could see my garden if I were willing to post a picture of it, but it’s just too embarrassing. I pushed aside that little voice that keeps telling me to do it later. Yay me! While I picked a few vegetables from the jungle, I did not choose to clear the jungle. I already have a plan for the day and that is not it.

1) Post to Flamingo and Owl – check
2) Go for morning walk – check
3) Sew
4) Sew some more
5) Make dinner
6) Sew some more again

Nowhere does it say anything about spending the whole day pulling weeds and grass out of a jungle. Now I’m going to get away from this electronic device that keeps sucking me in and go do something constructive. Maybe I’ll even let you see what it is in tomorrow’s post.


Dig a Little Deeper


Jason Aldean sings a great song with Luke Bryan titled “The Only Way I Know”.  I listen to it when I’m walking and it motivates me to pick up the pace while mentally planning my day.  One of the lines says, “Dig a little deeper when you think you can’t dig no more.”  I kind of twisted that in my head this morning and decided that I had dug a deep enough hole and it was time to start to crawling out.  So, now I’m going to dig a little deeper into my guts and start living again.  It’s funny how really living takes so much work, but it’s not satisfying unless it does. 

I started writing this at 5:30 this morning and I already dug into Mom’s Recipe Box for some yummy recipes for next week.  I added any ingredients I needed to my grocery list so I should be all set to start cooking.  I have done very little cooking this summer and I’m not sure I would even call it cooking.  Mostly, it involved very little combining of ingredients and making a complete meal with side dishes and everything was a supreme effort.  I’m starting off slow so my family doesn’t go into shock so this week is nothing fancy.  I’m not going to hint at any of the recipes I picked because that would just be too much pressure.  I just hope I remember to take pictures when I DO make her recipes.

I have some home sewing to catch up on…buttons and hems mostly.  Apparently we are a house of short people who lose a lot of buttons because it seems like that’s all I have to do for us most of the time.  I will also be working on a string of flags to draw attention to the boutique.  I’m doing the sewing and Kris will do the fabric painting.  We’re also combining those two skills into a class.  On Saturday, September 19th, we’re having a pillow painting class at ReChic Unique.  You will learn how to paint on fabric and then turn your artwork into a pillow cover.  Students will leave with a completed pillow.  It’s going to be so much fun!  That is the same day the Sandhill Crane Festival in Wheatfield where my quilt club, Country Cut Ups, will have a booth.  We have a quilt that we are raffling and some of the ladies will have handmade items for sale.  It looks like that will be a busy day for me!  Smile

Well, that’s all for today.  Time for me to dig a little deeper and make myself do some work. 

Have a great day everyone!


My Saddle Keeps Moving When I Try To Get In!

Hi!  I’m not sure who still reads this except my aunt.  She was making fun of me when I saw her last weekend because I keep saying I’m getting back to blogging and then it’s weeks before I post again.  I am making no such promises this time. Smile  All I can say is that it’s a habit that I’ve gotten out of, but one that I really want back. 

I am keeping busy with weddings and babies and showers for both, not my own, but family.  If you read this Uncle Bud, tell Danielle that I have one more gift for her.  It’s almost done.  It was actually supposed to be a wedding gift, but she’ll get it in time for the baby.  That’s how I do things.  Her brother and his wife got the same deal, wedding gift in time for the baby.  Yes, Uncle Bud, apparently that gene was inherited from my mother.  I’m trying gene modification, but it’s only had limited success. Winking smile

I am also now the official seamstress for ReChic Unique.  Whenever they need something made for the shop, they ask me.  That is where my gene modification has had some success.  I don’t make them wait…..too long.  Pat and Kris, you’re the best!  I also have 2 more people interested in sewing lessons.  Yay!  I’m going to post a goal here.  It’s not a definite, just a plan.  Ok, Aunt Jane?  I want to post tutorials that will help the people who take lessons from me.  I have one all written about hand stitches.  It just needs some pictures.  If you’ve read my blog before, you probably know that the camera is my nemesis.  I try to have my daughter take pictures for me, but our schedules don’t always mesh.  That is something I need to work on. 

That’s all for today!


Zipper Pouch

The class I’m teaching next week is a zipper pouch.  I want to expel the fear of zippers for people who have some experience sewing, but don’t think they can put in a zipper.  First, I had to refresh my confidence with zippers so I made a sample of the pouch we’re going to be making in class.  My anxiety was unfounded and I was successful even though the tutorial was in French.  Here’s how it turned out.



It’s a great little pouch with tons of pockets….24 to be exact!  The finished size is approximately 7” by 11”.  It was actually very simple to make.  Here are the steps I took…in English Winking smile.

1. Convert the measurements from cm to inches.

2. Cut out pattern pieces in proper sizes.  I used 2 coordinating fabrics from my stash.

3. Cut and press 2” strips for homemade binding. 

4. Sew binding onto the pocket pieces.

5. Layer and pin together inside and outside pieces including pocket pieces.

6. Sew pocket stitch lines.  Mine were 4” apart because fabric started out 12” wide.

7. Sew inside and outside pieces to both sides of the zipper. 

8. Turn inside out and sew edges together.

I serged the seams to make it look nice.  I followed the pictures in the original French tutorial the best I could.  This is just a rough summary of the steps I took.  It turned out great and my daughter did a super job taking the pictures.  We both like this bag so much that I’m going to make a couple more.  While I was digging through my zipper stuff, I found two zippers that need to go into sweatshirts that should have been done last fall, one for my son and one for my mother-in-law.  I guess I’ll be doing those next. 

A, I did not forget about your hand stitching tutorial.  I’m working on it and it should be ready tomorrow night so tell your mom to keep looking. 

Have a great day everyone!  Try something new today!